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The AccuFund Government Accounting Suite, available on-premise or in the cloud, reduces operating costs and improves overall management flexibility.

We Offer Service Agreements for Onsite and Remote 


• Dedicated, Experienced Staff

• Best Quality, Service, and Price

• High-Quality Hardware

• Risk Reduction and Cost Minimization

Desktop Computers & Servers

For our customers that purchase AccuFund, we offer hardware solutions for your environment. Including servers should you choose the On-Premise option. 

We can also protect your network with Next Generation Firewalls!  

Our consultant, Showtime Services Consulting, LLC is an Authorized Fortinet Reseller, and assists in providing network security solutions for our customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Do you only service West Virginia?

No. We have clients across the East Coast. Including clients in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Mississippi. 

02. Do you only sell hardware to your customers who use/purchase Accufund?

Yes. We only sell and support hardware of customers who are uing AccuFund.

03. Are the modules in AccuFund integrated?

Yes. All of the modules are fully integrated. And are even cable of being integrated with 3rd part applications you may already use. 

04. Can employees access their pay stubs and HR tasks online?

Yes. With the Empl​oyee Portal Option, employees can perform tasks themselves, using a web browser. 

05. Can customers pay their Utility Bills online?

Yes. Using the WebPay option, customers can pay their bills online. 

06. Can I integrate Permits and Work Orders?

Yes. Again, these are modules that are avaiable and fully integrated in to the Accounting System. 

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