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Budget Development

The AccuFund Budget Development module enables team involvement in budget creation. Budget managers can give departments control over building their own budgets, yet still monitor progress and revisions through the approval process.

Budget Development allows you to have all your budget and actual history right at your fingertips. Quickly review year-over-year changes and predict revisions using a prior time period’s budget or actuals. You can even increase or decrease the amounts by the specific percentages in the process.

With Budget Development you can make direct entries and easily change amounts, knowing that the worksheet will make the recalculations automatically. Line-item details can be viewed with a single click, and notes can be inserted to provide explanation for particular entries or changes, such as why an increase was made.

Budgets and worksheets can be built and tailored to your specific needs and preferences. You can build budgets by multiple organization levels or single levels, such as department, cost center, or grant program. You can also create individual revenue and expense worksheets for each department.

A built-in, budget-building wizard walks your budget managers through all the steps you need to get your budgets started, and makes it easy to choose the date ranges, funds, cost centers, and historical data that needs to be included.

Each Budget Development project is centered around easy-to-follow worksheets, which contain elements of your organization’s accounting structure.

You decide who can view and edit budget worksheets.

Once a department head has worked on a worksheet, it can be marked as completed or locked.

When a budget is completed and locked, Budget Development will automatically distribute budgets according to the periods you specify: annual, quarterly, seasonal, or monthly.

New budgets can be distributed based on the prior year’s actuals or historical data.

After distribution, the budget is posted to the General Ledger for financial reporting purposes.

When revisions are necessary, Budget Development lets you enter them line by line or by making calculations, such as multiplying figures by a certain number or percentage.

When changes are made, Budget Development will show the difference between the earlier and changed entries.

Sub-totals can be defined in the worksheets, allowing you to create categories and sub-categories, if necessary.

Notes can be entered on any line in a budget or worksheet to explain a revision.

Create and analyze numerous what-if scenarios (”What if I get 100 more clients?” “What if I charge more for my services?”).

Create Grant or Project Budgets across multiple fiscal years.

A specialized report writer makes it easy to report selected information for each budget.

“Quick Report” functionality lets users print any screen and export budgets to Microsoft Excel.

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