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jeff feamster

jeff profile

Jeff Feamster

Vice President and Accounting Specialist

Jeff graduated from Virginia Tech in 1982 with a B.S. in Accounting. He performed local government audits, for over 20 years.

He has been working with government accounting software since 1987. During that year, he and his partner started Mountaineer Computer Systems. 

Jim Copland


Jim has an electrical engineering degree and is responsible for file conversion, of our customer databases. He is our SME on Utility Billing and Meter Readers.

He has been a joint partner of Mountaineer Computer Systems since it's founding, in 1987. 

Stacey Sassard

Senior Consultant

Stacey has been working as a consultant since the mid 90's. She is Mountaineer's go-to consultant when it comes to complex report writing, and customer issues.

She has over 15 years of experience working with Fund Accounting Software and supporting government entities.  

William Feamster

Consultant and Server Specialist

William has been working as a consultant since 2010. He serves all of Mountaineers customers and their IT needs. As well as resolving technical issues with Accufund.

William is also our Server and Network specialist. He leads the way on setting up Server Environments and SQL Databases for our customers. 

Chris Feamster

Contract Consultant and Marketing Specialist

Chris started off working for Mountaineer Computer Systems in 2008. He did so until 2013 when he went to work for NCR as a Field Engineer. Before coming back on as a consultant in 2017, he also worked with HCA, Insight Global, and CompuCom Systems.

He now runs his own firm, Showtime Services Consulting, LLC. and assists Mountaineer with their customers and marketing endeavors. He holds multiple certifications, including CompTIA A+. 

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