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  • Customize your Municipality's Account structure to produce the reports you need.
  • Add-on government modules to expand your capacity to track, manage and report all pertinent areas.
  • Improve transparency and departmental access to data for your local government.
  • All modules are fully integrated! Eliminating the need for re-keying data, from other systems.

Create a complete employee solution from our Human Resources, Employee Portal, Position Control, Employee Timesheet Entry, Time Clocks, Leave Requests, and Tax Management modules. Options for On-Site and Cloud are available!

Manage resident payments for water, sewer, and other utility services more efficiently.

Report Writer

Often, accounting software vendors use third-party report writers, which force users to understand and define relationships between records. AccuFund eliminates this difficult step, because the native Reports/Forms Designer automatically provides a list of available data fields and links to relevant data tables.

Keep track of all your grant-related data, even report due dates, contacts, contracts, and scheduled tasks.

Provide a framework for department managers to enter and develop budgets for fiscal years and grant years.

Full functionality makes it easy to manage premise certificates, sales tax, building permits, and more.

The AccuFund Web Portal gives employees, board members, and other stakeholders direct access to AccuFund modules and other information for greater productivity and efficiency.
Make this your one-stop solution for tracking traffic tickets, parking fines, inspectional services, and more.

Easily track internal and external service requests.

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